Blackboard is the primary virtual learning environment (VLE) used here at the University of South Wales.

Each of your modules and courses has a presence in Blackboard and by effectively using the online area for each of them you will ensure that your students will have access to relevant and timely information, resources and announcements via the web, anytime and anywhere.

This page will give you a quick overview of what Blackboard is, where everything can be found, and how your modules will be laid out. It also introduces you to some important policies and requirements related to the use of Blackboard such as the Module and Course Minimum Requirements Policies. 

Once you’re ready to start creating your module you can follow our guide to Creating Module in Blackboard

All courses have an area in Blackboard called a Course Organisation. This should include information about staff contacts, modules, course evaluation and the course handbook. 

Read more about managing Course Organisations.  

These pages provide guides to uploading and managing files, folders and other sorts of information to your modules and organisations. 

Read about Managing Content

The Assessment and Feedback pages contain guides to the many online tools that can be used for the submission of assignments and online feedback and grading. 

These pages introduce the different tools that can be used for communication, group work, and collaborative learning both within Blackboard and outside it. This includes features like webinars, voting tools, discussion forums, Blackboard groups and wikis.

Communication and collaboration guides. 

All Blackboard module should contain an automatic link to the library’s Online Reading Lists system. This page introduces the system and what you need to do to make sure your reading lists are available online.

Library Guide to Online Reading Lists

These pages introduce the different tools and resources you can use to record lectures, show you how to add video and audio content to your modules, and show you how to create audio and video resources for students.

Media Guides

These pages deal with the functions of Blackboard that are more to do with administrative side than teaching and learning; for example, enrolling staff or students onto modules, viewing who’s enrolled on your module, or requesting an organisation.

Blackboard Administrative Tools Guide.