Peermark Introduction

How does PeerMark work?

PeerMark is a peer-assessment system that works on the Turnitin assignments to allow students to submit work and then read, review, and evaluate one or many papers submitted by other students.

The process can be customised in a number of ways to allow for different peer-marking workflows such as anonymous or attributed peer reviewing, number of papers to be reviewed, and random or allocated papers to review. Because the system is based on Turnitin , the assignment is also given an Originality Report. Tutors will be able to move between or overlay the originality report, online grading, and peer review comments to give a comprehensive view of a student’s work.

Why use it?

  • Students don’t just learn from instructors; they also learn from one another.
  • Peer review can help to develop students’ critical thinking skills.
  • Peer review helps students to understand the elements that contribute to a strong assignment, and then apply this to their own work.

The basic stages of the PeerMark assignment process:

  1. Tutor creates a Turnitin assignment.
  2. Tutor creates a PeerMark assignment and sets the number of papers students will be required to review, and creates response and scale questions for students to use when reviewing papers.
  3. Student papers are submitted to the Turnitin assignment.
  4. On the PeerMark assignment start date, students begin writing peer reviews.
  5. For each assigned paper, students write reviews by responding to the free response and scale questions.
  6. Once the PeerMark assignment due date passes, no more reviews can be written, completed, or edited by the writer.
  7. Tutors can assess the original papers and reviews, and may assign grades and feedback on the basis of these elements.
  8. On the PeerMark assignment post date, reviews of the students’ papers become available for the papers’ authors to view.

Important points

  • PeerMark requires a certain amount of pre-planning to ensure that the various processes come together correctly. This will be covered in the guides below.
  • Because of the automated move from the original submission period on to the peer review section of the assessment, PeerMark does not allow for late submissions. Any students attempting to submit late will thus have to be handled manually.