Uploading course handbook into a Course Organisation

We no longer actively use the Institutional Content Collection so the method for uploading course handbooks has changed. To upload a new handbook, you need to add it in the Organisation itself.

Navigate to the Organisation

Navigate to Control Panel>Content Collection>Course_[your course ID here];

Content Collection - find your handbooks

You may wish to organise your files into folders, in which case at the top of the window, select the ‘Create Folder’ option.

Content Collection - choose your faculty

Upload Your Document
At the top of the window select 'Upload Files’.

Content Collection - choose your school

If you have a number of documents to upload it may be quicker to compress them into a .zip file and select the 'Upload Theme Package’ option.

Now add a link to the Course Handbook

There are two ways you can do this, either add a new file in the ‘Course Handbook’ menu area;

Content Collection - choose your school

Select ‘Browse Content Collection’ and find the document you uploaded in the previous step.

Content Collection - Upload themed package

Or alternatively you can modify an existing link. To do this select Edit,

Content Collection - upload options

In the next screen, mark the old file as ‘Mark for Removal’ and browse for the new one as above.

Content Collection - upload options