Upload course handbook into Content Management System

Select the Content Collection tab and navigate through the folder structure Institution Content > Course Handbooks

Content Collection - find your handbooks

Choose your faculty

Content Collection - choose your faculty

Choose your school

Content Collection - choose your school

And upload. To upload multiple files as a .zip folder – select Upload Theme Package

Content Collection - Upload themed package

When uploading you will have the following options;

Content Collection - upload options

Lock File – we advise you not to lock files – just in case a manager leaves we need others at this level to be able to manipulate the files
Share Comments – not needed so leave unchecked
Enable Versioning – you may wish to version handbooks so check this
Enable Tracking – it will be useful to track usage so check this

Naming convention

Course student handbooks should be saved as the full course title i.e. BSc Physical Geography Course Handbook or MA Animation Course Handbook to improve accessibility for the relevant students.

Please save the files as PDF and NOT Word Documents.

Please explore the content collection system and encourage your staff to consider using it to manage ‘high value’ teaching content which can be shared across the departments and linked to multiple teaching modules – more information on the Content Collection is available here on the TEACH Channel.