Smoothies | Recipes for a Blended Learning Experience

Smoothies - Applying Blended Learning

Smoothies: Recipes for a Blended Learning Experience explains and showcases some ideas on the ways in which technology can support, assist and enhance learning and teaching activities. It was originally produced for University of Glamorgan staff, and distributed as an A5 ring-bound work pack.

We would like to thank JISC for the use of the JISC’s e-Learning Pedagogy Programme materials which were the foundation for the contents of this pack. For more information please visit our Design for Learning page.

‘Introducing Smoothies’

To find out about Smoothies, read the Introduction to Smoothies.

The Smoothies Pack

A PDF version of the Smoothies pack is available to download.


Blank templates from the Smoothies pack are available to download in both PDF and Word format:

To see some current blended learning case studies from the University of South Wales go to the Blended Learning Case Studies page.

You will also need to identify the material that you want to include within your module. When considering material for inclusion remember to check out any sources for reuse of existing material. Ultimately, a concise list of all the resources can be entered into an online reading list.

Of course the material to be used within a module does not have to all be generated by the tutor beforhand. For example, by incorporating a wiki during the delivery of the module, you will be presenting students with the opportunity to generate their own module content. The 'wiki’ is one of the tools available within the suite of Campus Pack based tools. The suite of tools is designed to complement and integrate within Blackboard.