Reading Lists Online Guides

The guides below will show you how you can create and edit your online reading lists.

Please note that before you are able to work on your reading lists you will need to become an academic user. To do this, send an email to your Faculty Librarian or Rachael Johnson to be granted full academic access.

This link will take you to the reading lists system



Textual guide

This link will take you to a user guide that covers everything you might need to know about creating and editing reading lists.

Video guides

Below you can find a number of video guides to different elements of the system.

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An introduction to online reading lists

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Adding your bookmarking button

This is a very important step – you will need to add the bookmarking button to each browser that you use. You can then gather the resources that you would like to add to your reading lists.

How to add your bookmarking button in Chrome

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How to add your bookmarking button in Firefox

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How to add your bookmarking button in Internet Explorer

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How to add your bookmarking button in Safari

Coming soon!

How to collect bookmarks

Bookmarks are the resources that you will be adding to your reading lists. They can be collected from almost anywhere online. For example, books, chapters, journals and articles from the Library catalogue; websites; databases; TV programmes; movies; radio programmes; government documents; law resources such as cases and legislation.

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How to create a new reading list

How to edit a reading list

You can edit your reading lists throughout the year, helping you provide up-to-date resources for your students.

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