VLE Minimum Requirements Policy

This policy sets out the University’s expectations in terms of the minimum amount of information a student can expect to find in the online learning environment. The policy was implemented in response to feedback from students about inconsistent experiences between courses/modules. The standard template of menu buttons on most Blackboard modules will help guide staff to ensure that all key requirements are met.

This page is only intended to lay out the key points of the policy. Read the VLE Minimum Requirements policy and Guidelines for Staff in full on the CELT pages.

Your key points

Every module must include online:

Administrative content
  • Teaching team contact details
  • Module descriptor
  • Where your students can get support
  • Student regulations
Learning & teaching content
  • Module introduction
  • Delivery schedule
  • Up-to-date learning materials
  • Interactive/collaborative tools
  • Online reading list
  • Assessment & feedback information
  • Module evaluation

Teaching content should be uploaded in advance so that students can continue to study in varying circumstances.

Policy in practice

It is up to the academic how they wish to structure and present the information on their module but the default Blackboard Template provides a simple structure that incorporates these key areas, making it easy for staff to fill in the necessary details.

The Building Modules guide will take you through a step by step process of creating a module from scratch that meets all the Minimum Requirements.

Some of the required information will automatically be available within all modules on Blackboard, such as: