Policies and Standards

There are various policies that apply to the use of technology for enhancing teaching and learning. This page will give you an overview of which policies you need to be aware of, link you to the relevant policy documents, and direct you to guides on how to implement them.


All policies and guides for enhancing learning and teaching through technology are based on USW strategic plans.

Assessment Policy

This policy sets out the purposes and principles of assessment at USW. This includes the use of online assessment and feedback as well as influencing our guidance on how best make use of tools like Turnitin Originality Reports.

Course Organisations – Minimum Requirements Policy

Each University course has an organisation in Unilearn which offers students access to all relevant information about the course. This includes information about all modules in the course, links to the corresponding data stored in ICIS (Integrated Curriculum Information System), contact details for all course team staff and student course representatives, names of external examiners, and other useful information (e.g. course handbook). Twice yearly a course evaluation survey will be also be provided to students via the course organisation.

Module Minimum Requirements

This policy sets out the University’s expectations in terms of the minimum amount of information a student can expect to find on Unilearn. The policy was implemented in response to feedback from students about inconsistent experiences between courses/modules. The standard template of menu buttons on most Blackboard modules will help guide staff to ensure that all key requirements are met.

Social software guidelines

The university is committed to the use of social software to enhance teaching and learning and to improve the student experience. This good-practice guide is designed to help staff understand and use these tools.

IT Services-based policies

IT Services has a range of policies that impact on the use of technology for learning and teaching.

These include:

  • IT Computing Regulations;
  • Rheoliadau Cyfrifiadura Technoleg Gwybodaeth;
  • Software Policies;
  • IT & Confidential Waste Disposal Policies;
  • Mobile Device Security Policy;
  • Social Media Policy;
  • Website Privacy Policy;
  • Media Equipment Loans Policy.