Panopto Updates

The current version of Panopto is Panopto 5.7.

Headline features

New editor features — Within the HTML5-based video editor, you can now splice multiple videos together and upload individual video tracks. And the Silverlight-based “Advanced editor” has been retired.
New analytics features — You can download a new CSV report showing sessions that have been created or edited in a given period. In addition, you can schedule reports to run in the future. And when generating reports, you can preview the fields included in the report and easily access recent reports.
Embed player quizzing — Panopto’s video quizzes now appear in the embedded player, when accessed from either a mobile device or a desktop browser. Prior to this release, quizzes could only be taken in the interactive player, on a desktop PC or Mac.
Departmental home pages — When you associate a department with a Panopto folder, that folder can now display its own homepage of curated videos.
Threaded discussions — When you reply to a comment, Panopto will automatically create a “thread”, or a visual grouping of the comment and its replies.
Stream swap — In the interactive video player, you can now swap the position of primary and secondary video streams.
Drag-and-drop folders — Moving folders is easier than ever. Panopto now supports the ability to drag and drop folders from one location to another.
Blackboard student assignment recording — For our Blackboard customers, we’ve dramatically simplified the process of recording and submitting student assignments.
Universal Content Library Specification (UCLS) — If you still have existing video collections stored in other video platforms, in content management systems like SharePoint and Google Drive, or on network file shares, you can now easily import them into Panopto using the UCLS, an XML-based format for consolidating video libraries