Panopto Updates

Having updated our organisations server we have also upgraded the recorder software on managed machines to the latest version If you have installed the recorder to a personal machine or a machine you have administration rights for you may be promoted to update that version.

Headline Features
Blackboard Gradebook Integration – Blackboard customers can now integrate Panopto’s video quizzes into their LMS as assignments, and access quiz results directly from within the LMS gradebook.
New analytics capabilities – You can now download an Excel spreadsheet that reports on usage by viewing type (mobile vs. embed vs interactive vs download).
Support for 360-degree video – You can upload videos captured by 360-degree cameras and watch them using the interactive player, embedded player, and popular VR headsets like Google Cardboard, Oculus Rift, and Samsung Gear VR.
Additional caption providers – New providers, and, are available to caption your videos.
Departmental branding – You can now customize the look of your department folders by adding logos that appear in the video player and folder browsing experience.

Behavior Changes (these features have changed from 5.5)
Playlists are now on-by-default for all customers.
The interactive viewer’s “resume from last position” feature is now on-by-default for all customers..