Video based assignment submissions using Panopto

To be able to offer this to your students you can make use of the Assignment folder in Panopto. (Please note that each module folder in Panopto has it’s own associated Assignment folder). Each student enrolled on the module can then access the Assignment folder to make a recording/upload a recording. The tutor will be able to view all recordings made by all students in the Assignment folder. However, each student can only view the recordings they have made personally.

To switch on the Asignment folder for your module:

Access the folder settings for that Module

and select the Create Assignment Folder link found on the Overview tab.

The Assignment folder will be created as a sub folder below your module’s main folder. See example below.

You may wish to also be alerted to all new submissions via email. To do this access the Settings for the assignment folder and select the tick box to Email users when sessions are ready to view.

For full documentation on creating a video assignment using Panopto please download the following guide

Support for students on using Panopto to make recordings can be found on our Student IT Channel