UniLearn Updates Autumn 2018

You may have noticed some changes to UniLearn over the summer. Find out how these changes affect how you use our learning systems:


Autumn 2018 Blackboard updates

There have been some recent updates to Blackboard this Autumn. Find out What’s new in Blackboard 2018

Blackboard Upgrade

We are now running an updated version of Blackboard which includes a slightly different interface and number of new features, the most significant of which is the new tool, Blackboard Ally.

Blackboard Ally helps you make your digital course content more accessible by offering easy to create, alternative formats of your documents to students. Ally gives you a rating score for how accessible your course content is (students do not see this rating) and helps you to improve your rating.

To find out more about Ally and other new features visit the Modules in Blackboard page or contact Martin Lynch martin.lynch@southwales.ac.uk or your Faculty TEL partner.

Question Mark Perception (QMP)

From September, a new version of QMP is being introduced – if you have used this in the past, you will need to learn how the new tool works.

To find out more about the changes to QMP and other new features visit the QMP page or contact Martin Lynch martin.lynch@southwales.ac.uk or your Faculty TEL partner.

Introducing MeeToo – the University’s NEW Audience Response Tool

Following our pilot last year, in September, we will be launching MeeToo as the University’s new audience response tool. MeeToo will replace the current clicker based offering, Turning Point, and enables staff to create more active and engaging learning in the classroom through polls, surveys and quizzes that students complete in real time using a smart phone, tablet device or laptop.

To find out more about MeeToo, visit the Audience Response Tools page or contact Carl Sykes carl.sykes@southwales.ac.uk or your Faculty TEL partner.

Lecture Capture Review

During the Autumn term, CELT will be undertaking a review of Panopto and lecture capture. We will be investigating the current and potential levels and types of use of Panopto, ranging from recording lectures to its use as a tool to support large video file assessment submission. If you would like to find out more or would like to be involved, contact Elizabeth Jones elizabeth.jones7@southwales.ac.uk

Learning Analytics

The JISC Learning Analytics Dashboard which is now available to all staff will enable all staff to gather timely feedback on a range of aspects linked to student engagement. Personal Academic Coaches will be able to access information about student achievement and engagement in one place while teaching staff will now be able to gain insight into how your teaching materials are being used. The Data Explorer facilitates simple, effective attendance monitoring and for students, the new Study Goal App will help them keep on top of their studying.

To find out more contact contact Martin Lynch martin.lynch@southwales.ac.uk.

Workshops and Seminars

Look out for our series of new workshops on seminars this term. These will include short, 1hr hands-on how to..? sessions where you will have the opportunity to try out new tools or simply refresh your knowledge of others; our lunchtime seminars providing opportunities to find out more about how colleagues across the University are using technology in the learning environment, both inside and outside the classroom and more extended staff development opportunities such as mini-conferences and seminars aimed at exploring some of the theories which guide our use of technology in the learning environment.

For further information or to book on visit the CELT seminars page or contact Catherine Naamani catherine.naamani@southwales.ac.uk

Who’s who?

Each Faculty is supported by a TEL (Technology Enhanced Learning) partner whose role it is to work with course teams, subject areas and individuals to identify ways in which technology can be used to enhance the student experience. The TEL Faculty partners are:

FBS- Lucy-Ann Pickering lucy-ann.pickering@southwales.ac.uk

FCI – Carl Sykes carl.sykes@southwales.ac.uk

FLSE – Sophie Meace sophie.meace@southwales.ac.uk

FCES – Elizabeth Jones elizabeth.jones7@southwales.ac.uk

Learning Analytics – Neil Price neil.price@southwales.ac.uk

Professional Services – Catherine Naamani catherine.naamani@southwales.ac.uk

For help with technical queries, please contact IT Customer Support

For any other queries contact Catherine Naamani catherine.naamani@southwales.ac.uk, Head of Enhancing Learning through Technology or Martin Lynch martin.lynch@southwales.ac.uk, Learning Systems Manager.