Unilearn Updates for Autumn 2017


Audience Response Tools

During the Autumn term CELT will be running a pilot project to explore how audience response tools can be used to enhance learning and teaching. If you would like to be involved in the project, please contact catherine.naamani@southwales.ac.uk

Blackboard Upgrade.

We are now running an updated version of UniLearn which includes multiple new and enhanced features, improved workflows, and technology updates.

Changes to Turnitin and GradeMark

The university has upgraded to the new and improved version of Turnitin and GradeMark.

How does it help you?

  • All the usual tools for creating assignments, marking and grading.
  • Multi-part assignments so students can submit more than one file.
  • A clearer view when grading.

Collaborate with your students

Looking for better ways to communicate with your students outside the classroom? Collaborate Ultra is an online virtual classroom/meeting space which allows users to connect via audio, see each other via webcams, use a chat tool, collaborate on documents, view presentations, and more.

Collaborate Ultra is easy to use and it’s entirely browser-based so you don’t even have to download any extra software.

Learning Analytics

The university is making good progress on our Learning Analytics project partnering with JISC and Tribal. Our working definition of Learning Analytics is “measurement, collection, analysis and reporting of data about learners and their contexts, for purposes of understanding and optimising learning and the environments in which it occurs”. The project is strategically placed in the Student Experience Plan, under the Retention and Achievement strand, with an aim to scope and investigate tools which provide effective visual dashboards based on data that demonstrably impacts on learner engagement/success. The first output of the project will be used by the Personal Coaches Project to assist with mentoring and support work of students during session 17/18.

Panopto upgrade

During the summer the University’s Panopto desktop recording software was upgraded. If you have a managed desktop, your Panopto recorders will be automatically updated. For anyone who has installed it themselves, such as on a personal computer, you should be prompted to upgrade.

Staff development and training

Our drop-ins will run through the early part of the Autumn term and we continue to offer bespoke sessions for groups of staff on request.

Support for students during induction

During weeks 3 & 4 of teaching CELT will be offering Unilearn Induction Sessions for module groups across all campuses. These sessions will cover Unilearn essentials (Navigating Blackboard, Modules and Course Organisations, Submitting Assignments etc) and prepare new students for their online learning activities. These must be pre-booked in advance by staff, so please use the link to the booking form below to give us all the information we require for your booking to be reserved.

Please note that once we have your information, we will, with the help of Timetabling, look at the most convenient day to book in our Inductions, based upon your existing timetabled sessions.

Student Mentors

This year, a number of student mentors will receive additional training in using UniLearn and the different types of technologies used across the University so that they are able to provide additional support to new students.