Uploading/Hosting your videos

Recommended service for upload – Planet eStream

Once you’ve created and edited a video you’ll need to upload it somewhere to be hosted so that students can access it. The key thing to remember is that you should not upload an entire video file onto Blackboard. Whilst you can do this it takes up a lot of memory on the Blackboard server and means that students have to first download the file before being able to play it. This can be a slow and timeconsuming process for them whereas streaming video means that videos can be watched pretty much immediately.

Here at the University we offer and recommend that you use our Planet eStream service to accomplish this as it is a secure storage sytem that is fully supported by our technical staff.

There are of course alternative 3rd party solutions for hosting and delivering video content but you need to be fully aware of any privacy, licensing and copyright issues before making a choice to use them.

Other upload services

If you choose any of the following services please read also our guidance about adding video to Blackboard.


The university also publishes video, audio, pdf and iBook content on iTunesU. For more information about what sort of material is suitable for iTunesU and how to contribute your videos to it please read the iTunesU webpages.


YouTube is the most widely used video hosting site. It contains a wealth of educational resources as well as all those funny cat videos and it is also really easy to add YouTube videos into your Blackboard courses.

Please note that the University Marketing department make a great deal of use of this service and if you are thinking of creating content which is of a more promtional nature we recommend that you contact them in the first instance.

If you’d prefer to read a guide then YouTube’s help pages provide guides for uploading videos from a variety of different devices.

Things to be aware of:

  • Anyone can make an account and upload a video but you’ll be limited to 15 minutes per video until you verify your account. This is a really quick and easy process and you can find more information about it here. Once you’ve verified your account you can upload any video up to 128GB in size.
  • YouTube is not hosted in the UK so laws governing its handling content may be different than those in the UK.
  • No confidential material or videos for which you do not own the copyright should be uploaded (including student work for which they have not signed a waiver).

To learn about using other people’s material that’s on YouTube in your learning materials please read the Sourcing Video Content page.

Short video apps

There are a few sites that are specially geared toward sharing really short videos. The most well known is:

  • Instagram (max. length 16 seconds)

These may not seem particularly useful but they can be great tools for a fast how-to video or a clip that illustrates a good point.

Instagram was originally designed to only upload from within the Vine mobile app but you can now use a variety of sites to upload short videos from your computer. Watch the following video to learn how.