Recording Video

There’s a huge variety of camera equipment that you can use to record your own video resources; from professional TV camera, to handheld camcorders, webcams and mobile devices like smartphones. We can’t provide you with exact instructions for every device (the manufacturer should provide you with them) but here are some general starting points for a few commonly used cameras.

Note: If you want to record a lecture we recommend using the Panopto Lecture Capture system that is designed specifically for this purpose.

Recording video with a smartphone or tablet

Previously, anyone wishing to record video required a specialist device, such as a camcorder. These days most people have a video camera in their pocket – their smartphone or tablet. The built in cameras and microphones in these devices are capable of producing good HD recordings. However for some video recordings, especially those involving more than one person an external microphone(s) or multiple cameras/shot setups will be required (see planning audio and video recordings).

There are many different apps available for recording video, depending on the operating system of the device. Some manufacturers include a video camera by default. For other devices you will need to download a free or paid app from their app store.

Recording Video on an iPhone and iPad

All iPhones and iPads come with an app called ‘Camera’. This can be used to take still images and record videos. The video below shows you how to record video with ‘Camera’:

Recording Video with an Android

Whether an Android device comes with a video camera app pre-installed depends on the manufacturer and/or mobile service provider. However, many of them will be running a version of the standard Google ‘Camera’ app which works very much like the iPhone camera app.

Recording Video Using Specialist Apps

There are a variety of apps that offer additional functionalities to the standard iOS or Android apps. You can search for them on the Google Play Store and App Store.

Make sure to read the reviews and ratings and choose the app that fits your needs best, or download several and trial them until you find the best one. If you have trouble using an app refer to the app’s page in the store, here you should find a link to the developer’s support site. This should contain tutorials and/or FAQs on how to use the app.

Recording Video with a DSLR camera

If you’ve already got a nice DSLR camera for taking photographs then there’s no need to invest in a separate camcorder. However, there are a few things you’ll need to take into consideration and a couple of occasions when DSLR may not be the best choice. The following video will take you through the basics of how, what and when to film using a DSLR camera.

Recording Video with a camcorder

Camcorders vary hugely from small handycams to huge professional broadcast cameras. You should thus refer to the instruction manuals that come with your camera but you’ll need to take into consideration a lot of the same things as when recording with a mobile device or DSLR camera e.g. location, microphones, stabilising with a tripod, etc. A lot of this is covered in the planning video and audio pages.