Adding Video to Blackboard

The method for adding video content to Blackboard depends on the type of video you are using. We have included a selection of common methods that should cover most video types.

Adding a Panopto video

Please see the Panopto pages for details.

Add a Planet eStream video

Please see the Planet eStream page for details.

Adding or embedding videos hosted elsewhere

Videos hosted on most external sites like YouTube or BoB can be embedded so that the video plays within Blackboard. YouTube videos can also be added as an individual content item.

Embedding other video types (e.g. BoB, YouTube)

See Embedding audio and video content page.

Adding a YouTube video

The Mashup Tool allows you to add a YouTube video either as a separate item in your Blackboard courses or to embed it within an item. A video version of how to use the Mashup tool is available here.

Add YouTube video as an individual item

Step 1: From your Blackboard Toolbar click Build Content and then select YouTube Video from the Mashup section.

Step 2: Search for the video you want to use. Once you’ve found it click the Select button. (If you’re looking for something specific it’s worth opening YouTube in a different tab and checking the details – user, date, etc – to make sure you’re picking the right one.)

Step 3: You Can alter the title shown on the video if needed and also add a custom description here.

Step 4: Select whether you want a thumbnail image of the video (students click the image to open the YouTube website in order to watch the video) or to embed the video (students can watch the video without leaving Blackboard).

Step 5: You can then go through the remaining options if you need them or just scroll to the bottom and click the Submit button to add this item.

The resulting video will now appear in your Blackboard course. A thumbnail will look like this:

And an embedded video will look like this:

Add a YouTube video within an Item

If you want to add a video within an item (so that you can include it within a section of text and images) then the process is very similar.
Step 1: When you’re editing the item make sure your cursor is placed where you want the video to appear. Then click the Mashup button and select YouTube Video.

Step 2: Follow Steps 2-6 above.