Panopto Setup

How do I record my lecture?

1. Are you in a location which has lecture capture facilities?

By now all lecture rooms should be setup for Panopto. The minimum specification is for a desk-based microphone and the desktop software, but cameras and other options are available in some locations, and on request.

If you have a teaching location that has not been set up , please log a call with IT Services Helpdesk
2. Have you set up your Blackboard module?

If you’ve not done this before, or if you’d like a refresher, take a look at the the following steps: Panopto: Configuring with Blackboard

3. Are the camera and microphone present and plugged in?

If either the camera or microphone is missing, contact the IT First Response team by phone on ext. 82882 or by logging a call to our online support service

In the recording software, you will find there are visible indicators that the microphone and camera are present and plugged in. It’s important to test this before you start.

4. Access the Recorder Software

Option 1

You can access the recorder directly from Blackboard. This gives you creator access to the Panopto folder. Go to Communication and Tools > Panopto Content and select the Create button (see below). Note that if using this option the 'folder’ will default to that of the module you just accessed but this can be amended to any folders, providing you have creator access to that folder.

Option 2

To ensure that you have access to the correct folders from the desktop recorder software YOU MUST first access the software from within your Unilearn Module (Option1 above).
Failure to do this will generate a 'denied creator access” error

Locate the software on your machine and log in using Unilearn. See below.

5. Making your recording
6. What might be your next steps?