Panopto - managing your recordings

The USW Panopto site offers a variety of ways to manage your Panopto recordings. You can copy, move, add extra information to, and limit the availability of different Panopto recordings here. The following links will show you how to make use of these functions.

To access all of these function you will first need to navigate to the USW panopto site – Here you will be able to view, edit and manage all your available panopto recordings.

Renaming a recording

Most of the time you will have given your Panopto recording a suitable name when it was created. If however, you need to rename it for any reason then please follow the instructions entilted Change Session Name.

Copying a recording from one module to another

You may wish to copy a recording from one module so that it is also available in another module.

  1. Go to the Settings (cog button associated with the recording) for the original recording and access the Manage tab. By default the copied recording will have the original name followed by the word 'copy’ in brackets. You can change this name if you like before clicking copy.
  2. Return to the list of recordings in the original folder, you will see a copy recording in progress. Select the Settings for this new recording and on the Overview tab click Edit to the right of Folder. Select the new folder location from the drop down and this will move the recording into that folder.

    You can refer to Change Folder for visual instructions to this part of the process.

Moving a recording

You may wish to move recordings between folders. For example, you might create recordings in your own personal sandbox area (My Folder) and then move them to particular module folders when you decide they are completed and ready to be viewed.

To move a recording follow the instructions entilted Change Folder

Batch Move Recordings

Users with Creator rights can now organise their Panopto recordings much more easily by moving batches of recordings between folders. Previously only Administrators could move recordings in batches.

Note: batch copy of recordings is still available only to Administrators, since copies have an impact on your usage hours.

For more information on how to batch move recordings Click Here.

Availability of Recordings

Generally the availability of your Panopto recordings is governed by the enrolments in the associated Blackboard module to which your folder is configured. If, however, you want to ensure that a recording is available at specific dates or times (or outside the university) then you can read this for more information.