Panopto & GDPR

If you are recording live lectures or events where students are present you will need to make sure that they are aware of what is happening and how the recording will be used. If you are recording lectures for the use of current (and future) students only then the recording is being made in the legitimate interest of learning and teaching. However, students have the right to refuse to be recorded or to ask to be removed from a recording if they are identifiable.

Before lectures:

If you are using Panopto to capture any lectures you should provide the following notice in your module:

On the recording of lectures: Lectures on this module may be recorded in video or audio format. These recordings may be used for the purposes of learning and teaching for current and future students. If you do not wish to be recorded please inform the lecturer.

During a lecture situation:

  • Make students aware you’re recording by:
    • Telling them it’s happening each time you will be recording.
    • Use a slide at the start of each lecture with a disclaimer about recordings.
    • Explaining what will be recorded (ie video or audio). The first time you record with a new group of students you may wish to give additional information such as:
      • If a camera is being used to capture video, make clear which areas it is capturing.
      • Explain that microphones may capture any incidental noise and conversations so avoid personal topics when recordings are happening.
  • If they don’t want to be recorded on video:
    • Inform students where they can sit to be off camera. In most classrooms most student desks aren’t in the area where pre-installed webcams are pointed but you should check the video feed to be sure.
  • If they don’t want their voices to be recorded (ie when asking questions or during discussions):
    • Recordings can be paused and re-started as needed.
    • Or, offer students the opportunity to ask questions by writing them on paper or using our online audience response tool MeeToo.

After a lecture

If necessary, recordings can be edited to remove specific sections.