Panopto: Configuring with Blackboard

To have a Panopto folder for your module on the Panopto website and in the recorder you first have to connect your Blackboard module to Panopto. Each module has to be connected every year when it rolls over. Once the module is connected a folder is available in Panopto for you to put recordings into.

Step 1

Access the module on Blackboard and click the Communication and Tools link from the navigation menu.

Step 2

Click the Panopto Content icon.

Step 3

Click the Configure button.

Step 5

Make sure the the server is set to and then click Add course to Panopto.

Step 6

You will then see a confirmation page. Click OK.

Step 7

You will then see the 'Select Folders; area. This is where you define which folders this module has access to. The current module should be in the column on the right. If you want this module to have access to the Panopto recordings for any other modules (ie recordings from previous years of this module or shared modules) you can select them from the left column and add them to the right.

Click submit.

Blackboard Panopto Configure module step 4

You are now ready to record or upload content into your folder.