Locating and positioning your recordings in Blackboard

You can access the full set of recordings for a particular module through Blackboard’s Communication and Tools page for that module. See Accessing a module’s full set of recording

However, to provide better context for your students, you can position a recording in a specific location in your learning materials. See Providing access to a specific recording directly in your Learning Materials

Accessing a module’s full set of recordings

After you have set up your module with Panopto, all recordings created in that module folder are available in one location by accessing Panopto Content via the Communication & Tools page.

Adding a link to a specific recording directly in your Learning Materials

1. In order to insert a link directly in your learning materials, first locate the page that you want the link to appear on then select Panopto Video Link from the Tools menu.
Adding Panopto from the menu

2. Under Folder, click the drop down arrow and select the module name that you are currently working in. DO NOT select an alternative module. If you want to have the same video in more than one module you will need to copy it. Information on copying your recordings can be found on the Managing your Panopto Recordings page.

Selecting Panopto options

3. You will then be able to select the appropriate Panopto lecture.

4. You might want to add further information in the Description. However you should not at this point need to add a new title as the recording title should be meaningful in the first instance.