Lecture Capture using Panopto

If you would like to chat to someone about using Panopto in your teaching practice, visit our Staff Development & Training page for details of our dropin sessions.

Alternatively, we’d be happy to arrange additional workshops for groups of staff — please send a 'service request’ via the IT Customer Support System

Important Point: Please keep up to date by reviewing our Panopto updates section.

Most recenly we have updated to Panopto version 5.2. You can find out all about it on the Updates page.

Why should I use Lecture/Live Event Capture?

  • It gives the students the ability to review your lecture at a later date, which is particularly useful for revision purposes.
  • It gives you the ability to time-shift your teaching activities or record content for use outside of the traditional lecture room.
  • It cuts down on the number of post-lecture queries that students have.
  • It has no effect detrimental on attendance.
  • It enhances the student experience.
  • It is nearly as easy as running PowerPoint or a web browser.

You can view some Customer Videos and Case Study examples from Panopto’s own site.

Accessing the Recorder Software

All managed desktops will provide you with access to this software as standard.

You can also download a copy of the recorder onto a personal computer directly from Blackboard via the Create option. To find the download options go to Communication and Tools > Panopto Content and select the Create button (see below).

Find out more about how to access the desktop recorder in the section entilted Panopto Setup – How do I record my lecture? It also possible to make recordings via iOS and Android apps, for further information see View and record via mobile devices

Note that you can also download the software onto your own machine. (The option to download can be found via a Blackboard module. Access Communication and Tools > Panopto Content, select the Create button and there you will find the following download options:

Accessing Panopto Recordings

Although primarily access to recordings is via Blackboard, as a “walled garden”, it is under your control to provide other levels of access. For example, recordings can be made completely open to the public or just available to a specific set of named users. Recordings can be delivered to any desktop computer through an internet connection, to mobile devices, and offline on physical media, again all under user control.

Please note that you can access all your recordings for all your modules together with any others to which you have access directly from the cloud based server for which the direct URL is southwales.cloud.panopto.eu. If you are not already logged in you will need to log in via Unilearn.

Please ensure that your content is compliant with copyright legislation. If you have any third-party content in your material you may need permission from the copyright owner to include it.

Guidance is available on the University’s Copyright webpages.

View and record via mobile devices

You can view and make recordings on both iOS and Android devices. Find out more using the links below:

Remember to log in via Unilearn and if prompted the Panopto server address is southwales.cloud.panopto.eu.
Further mobile guides can be found on Panopto’s own support pages.