Making use of audio

Audio can be used to create content which is more engaging and memorable than text alone. These guides will help you identify where to find audio content and give you the skills to create audio content for your modules.

Why use audio?

The use of audio is well established in education and has been used for decades. Audio as a format has great breadth and depth which means there is great potential for its use in education. Learners can be interested by the variety offered by engaging with their learning materials a new format, or by the convenience of being able to listen to a lecture whilst on the go rather than having to sit down and read it. Additionally, the creation of audio assignments can help to enable active learning.

“Audio…demonstrated a capacity to facilitate authentic engagement, allowing students to connect in various ways to the outside world, both as listeners and publishers. The ease and speed with which digital audio can be deployed was used to support timely interventions and in some cases promoted information currency and responsiveness.” 1

For more information about using audio in learning and teaching we recommend JISC’s information pages. To learn how to find, create and add audio content to your learning and teaching materials on Blackboard you can select from the guides below.

1. Beyond podcasting: creative approaches to designing educational audio in ALT-J: Research in Learning Technology by Andrew Middleton (p.153)