Recording and Editing Audio with Audacity

There are many options for editing Audio but one of the best is Audacity. Audacity is a free audio editor available for Mac OS X, Windows and GNU\Linux. If you have admin rights on your computer you can install it yourself, otherwise you will need to contact Customer Services and ask for a Desktop Technician to install it for you. A full list of Audacity features is available on the supporting website.

You can use Audacity to record audio on your computer (if your computer does not have a built in microphone you will need to attach an external microphone). On Windows Vista and later it can be used to record audio playing on your computer from other applications. Audacity’s main use though is as a multi-track audio editor for existing audio footage. Alternatively, you may have captured the audio by recording using another device: such as a phone or an ipad.

There are many tutorials available on Audacity, here are some specially selected ones to get you up and running:

These videos will take you through the basics of Audacity:

Recording and Editing Audio in Audacity

Audacity: A walk through on the basics of editing audio using Audacity

Audacity for Audio Editing

If you’re intending to create a podcast series you may wish to refer to these resources:

For further help with Audacity refer to these resources: