Adding Audio to Blackboard

How you add the audio content to your Blackboard course depends on the type of content. * If you’ve got an audio file (e.g. an mp3) saved on your computer (either sourced from elsewhere or one you created) it can be uploaded to Blackboard. If you want to use audio that is hosted on a website without uploading it to Blackboard you can either add a link to it or, sometimes, embed it.

Adding audio-only Panopto files

If your file is an audio-only Panopto recording you should follow the instructions for Adding Panopto to Blackboard.

Upload to Blackboard

An mp3 can be uploaded to Blackboard by:


Using the Add audio button found on the 3rd toolbar either inside the WYSIWYG editor for any content item.

Add audio file

or by adding the file as a separate entry through the Build Content menu.

Build content menu - add audio

Linking to Audio on another website

Copy the link to the webpage you want to link to. Then you can either

Use the Web Link option in the Build Content menu to create the link as a single item.


Create a text link within a content Item by highlighting the text you want to link and clicking the link button.

The pasting the link into the URL box and saving it.

Embedding audio into Blackboard

Follow the instructions on the Embedding audio and video page.