To learn how to use the Collaborate online tool in your teaching practice, visit our Staff Development & Training page

Collaborate is an online virtual classroom/meeting space which allows users to connect via audio, see each other via webcams, use a chat tool, collaborate on documents and view presentations, and access other features.

There are currently two versions of Collaborate available to staff: Collaborate Classic and Collaborate with the Ultra Experience.

Comparison table

Collaborate Classic Collaborate Ultra
Requires Java and periodic application updates The Chrome browser provides the best experience with WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communication), but other browsers can access the environment using Flash
Supports whiteboard, app/desktop sharing, web tours Basic whiteboard tools and app sharing available.
Includes extended whiteboard tools, polling and breakout rooms Update: Polling & Breakout rooms are now available
Recordings are accessible in Blackboard Learn. They are in Java format, but can be converted to MP4 Update: Recording now available.
Room capacity supports up to 1,000 participants Room capacity currently limited to 125 users
Sessions can be scheduled in Blackboard Learn Scheduling tools not yet available

Minimum requirements for both versions

To make best use of the Collaborate Room, you will need the following equipment as a minimum requirement:

  • A microphone and headset for sound (ideally combined as a single headset)
  • A webcam for video.

To request a Collaborate room be added to your module (or to request a non-module specific Collaborate room, either Classic or Ultra), please log an IT Helpdesk call including the version of Collaborate you wish to use and any module codes you wish to have rooms assigned to.

More information on Collaborate Classic can be found on the Collaborate Classic pages.

More information on Collaborate with the Ultra Experience can be found on the Collaborate Ultra pages.