Case Studies: Online Assessment Practices

We realise that there are other colleagues here at the University adopting similar innovative approaches. If you have a story to share, please feel free to tell us about your own online assessment practice story.

Here at the University, colleagues are making innovative use of a range of TEL initiatives in their online assessment practices.

By listening to these stories you’ll be able to find out about why the academics involved thought it necessary to make a change, how they approached that change and what the advantages of the new approach were to both themselves and their students. We hope these stories will encourage and inspire you in your own teaching practices.

  • Photo of Martin Graff, presenter of this case study about online submission tools
    Online feedback and grading

    In this video Dr Martin Graff (FLSE) explains the benefits of using an iPad, Turnitin and Grademark to make submission and feedback activity a more efficient process.

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  • Richard Milligan talks about using authentic work based knowledge application tests
    Testing work-based knowledge using Blackboard

    In this video Richard Milligan (FCES) explains the benefits of using Blackboard Tests to better mimic problem-based scenarios in the work place.

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  • Mick Conroy talks about how he provides audio feedback to Turnitin-based assignments
    Audio feedback for Turnitin-based assignments

    In this video Mick Conroy (FBS) talks about how he provides audio feedback to Turnitin-based assignments.

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  • Andrew Pearsall talks about innovative approaches to providing audio feedback
    Audio-to-text feedback with an iPhone and Google Docs

    In this video Andy Pearsall (FCI) talks about innovative approaches to providing audio feedback for assignments and tutorial sessions.

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  • QMP logo for Pru Marriott's assessment exchange story
    Using Question Mark Perception (QMP) for summative assessment

    This exchange reflects the experience of principal lecturer Pru Marriott, a former colleague in the Business School's Financial Reporting Division.

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  • Claire Dowd talks about innovative using tests and quizzes for assessment
    Tests and quizzes for level 7 assessments in counselling

    In this exchange Claire Dowd (FLSE) talks about using quizzes and tests for assessment of Level 7 learners on the postgraduate certificate in counselling.

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  • Photo of Keith Norris, presenter of this case study about using simulation and online testing
    Simulations plus QMP tests to build student engagement

    In this exchange Keith Norris shares how he makes use of animation and simulation, plus tests and quizzes, to encourage student engagement in a complex computing module.

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  • Image representing peer marking, for Kath Elley's assessment exchange story
    Using Turnitin to support self- and peer assessment

    In this exchange Kath Elley shares how she uses Turnitin and PeerMark to deliver and manage self- and peer assessments.

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