Blackboard: administration

There are several features and functionalities on Blackboard that can be useful for managing and administering your module.


Request a new Blackboard Organisation

Blackboard organisations are used for areas within Blackboard that do not have module codes. This includes Course Organisations, staff inductions, study skills, and more.

If you would like to have an organisation created on Blackboard, please fill in the Blackboard Organisation Registration Form and attach it to a support request made via Point of Business

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Copy material from one module to another


From Blackboard, access the module which contains the materials you wish to copy. From the Control Panel select Packages and Utilities then Course Copy.


Use the dropdown to select Copy Course Materials into an Existing Course
Select copy type


Under Select Copy Options, browse for the module to which you wish the content to be copied to.
Select which course to copy


You’ll then see some check boxes, so select the areas to be copied across.
Select which content to copy


Click Submit and you will receive an email when the copy has been completed.

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Exporting/Importing content

STEP 1 Exporting the required content

Access the module from which you wish to export content and from the Control Panel select the Packages and Utilities menu then Export/Archive course.

Next, select Export Package.

Under Section 2 select the second options for each so that you 'Copy links and include copies’.

Under Section 3, select the material that you wish to include in the export.

Click Submit. A success message is displayed and when the sxported file is ready it will appear here. In the meantime you can leave this page and you will be alerted via email when the export has completed.

STEP 2 Saving the exported file

When the exported file is ready return to the export area for that module and select the option to the right of the zip file to open the file.

You can then select to save the file. The file will be saved in your download folder.

STEP 3 Importing the zipped file into the new module

Next, you need to import the saved file into the appropriate module. Open the module into which you wish to import the zipped content and from the Control Panel select the Packages and Utilities menu then select Import Package/View Logs.

Then select Import package.

Under section 2 browse for the saved file previously exported.

Under Section 4 select the materials that you want to include in the import.

Click Submit. The imported content should now appear in the new module in the appropriate areas.

Find out who is enrolled on your module

There are two ways to view who is enrolled on a module. The roster and the control panel.

  • Roster – shows a simple list of student names.
  • Control panel – view both staff and students, roles, add users, and alter permissions.


Before following the steps firstly ensure that the Roster tool is switched on in your module. To do this go to Control Panel > Customisation > Tool Availability and ensure that Roster is set to available.


Select Communication & Tools from the navigation menu.


Click Roster from the tools icons.


When you first see the roster area it will be blank. Simply click the Go button in the search area (leave it blank) and the list of enrolled students will appear.

Control panel


On the Control panel, select Users and Groups and then click Users.


Using these filter settings will ensure you list all users in a module:
Edit profile button

The list presented will display the Name, Username & Email and Role for each user.

We only refer to two roles here: Student and Module Leader. Please note that in this context Module leader refers to any member of academic staff teaching on the module.

Important Points

  • Never remove a student from the module, even if they have withdrawn from their studies. Under the Freedom of Information Act (FOI) they are entitled to be able to view and access the course material for up to a period of 5 years.
  • Student and module leader enrolments onto your Blackboard modules are automated through Quercus. However if you are already a module leader and need enrol a colleague onto your module, you can do so by selecting the Find users to enrol button, entering their username or 'browsing’ to find them and finally setting their role to Module leader. For more information see the guide to adding staff to a module, below.

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Adding other staff to a module/organisation

Important Note: You should not add students to your modules manually as all students are enrolled automatically from the Quercus system. If there are issues with that enrolment, please check Quercus in the first instance and ensure all your students are correctly enrolled. This quick guide is intended for adding additional staff to a module or organisation on which you are already enrolled.


On your Course Management menu, expand the Users and Groups section and select Users


On the Enrolled User list, click on the Find Users to Enrol button.


If you already know the user username, you can add it directly in here. If not click the Browse button. On the Users page (if you have clicked Browse) you can search by username, first name, last name, or email.


Tick the required user(s) in the search list and click Submit to add them back to the user list on the original Enrol Users page.


Make sure you change the role for the user to Module Leader so that they have the correct editing rights. (Note: Module Leader on Blackboard is anyone with full editing and marking rights on the Blackboard page, it is not the same as the University Module Leader role.)

Click Submit

Please note:
If there is no other staff member on a module (or the staff member cannot be reached) and you need to be enrolled or unenrolled from any modules in Blackboard, please contact your relevant Campus Admin team;

  • Treforest –
  • Glyntaf –
  • Cardiff –
  • Newport and Caerleon –

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Copying staff contact information between modules

Please note that you can copy between modules and/or organisations


Check that there is a Staff Information button in the module/organisation in which you want the copied information to appear. If there is no button you can create one by:

  • Selecting the + button found above the main navigational buttons

Plus sign
  • Select Create Tool link
  • Enter Staff Information for the Name and select Contacts for the Type
  • Select the tick box to make it available to users and Submit
  • Remember that you will need to reposition the button under the Learning Materials

Now you can proceed with your copy.


Access the module from which you wish to copy your staff contact information. From the Control Panel select Packages and Utilities.


Use the dropdown to select Copy Course Materials into an Existing Course
Select copy type


Under Select Copy Options, browse for the module to which you wish the content to be copied to.
Select which course to copy


You’ll then see some check boxes, tick ONLY the Contacts box
Select which content to copy


Click Submit and you will receive an email when the copy has been completed. The copied information should appear in the specified destination on the Staff Information page.

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Batch enrolling users into organisations

Please note: this function is only available to users with Administrative permissions.

Administrators can batch enrol students and staff onto Blackboard Organisations using a file with the suffix .csv.

STEP 1 — prepare your data

  • Using Excel. create a file and add data for:
    • The ID of the Organisation
    • The username (caution: student IDs often start with a zero so make sure the formatting is text rather than numerical or Excel will ignore the first zero)
    • A character for the role: use “S” for student, and“P” for Staff Leader. (Note: you must use those specific designations for this process.)

  • Save the Excel file as a .csv file.

STEP 2 — upload file as part of batch enrolment process

  • Under the tab for System Admin > Organisations, select the Enrol Users button on the top right of the screen.

  • Use the default delimiter setting and upload the file.

  • Finally, you will see a screen confirming your success:

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Adding external users to modules

There are two processes needed to get external users onto modules in Blackboard:

  1. Request university login credentials from IT
  2. Add user to module in Blackboard

Stage 1

Before an external user can be added to the correct modules they first need to be given a university IT account so they can log in to Blackboard. This should be requested from the Faculty Resource Specialist in your faculty administration team as soon as possible. They will liaise with IT to ensure that this is set up.

Stage 2
Once the external user has their IT account set up they can be added to the relevant modules on Blackboard. A guide to adding users to modules is available on this page.

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Hiding modules from view on the 'My Modules’ page

It is possible to adjust your module list so that certain modules are hidden from view. To do this select the Settings option which can be found to the right of the Module List heading.

From here you will see a list of all your modules.

To hide an individual module you need to deselect all the ticks to the right of the module. You can do this by clicking the check box to the left of the module name, once, to switch on all the ticks.

Then a second time to deselect all the ticks.

Repeat this for all the modules you wish to hide before clicking the Submit button. Remember that you can simply reverse the process to redisplay hidden modules.