Accessing submissions and originality reports

Select the View assignment link for the relevant assignment from the module’s Assessment page.

You will land on the Submissions Inbox area.

  1. Title of student’s submission. Clicking this will open the submission for online marking and allow you to view the originality report.
  2. Date of submission – any dates highlighted in red were late submissions.
  3. An indicator showing whether or not the student has viewed their feedback.
  4. The grade for this (part of the) assignment if already given.
  5. The student’s overall grade. (For assignments consisting of more than one part this will be the aggregation of all the grades from each of the parts.)
  6. Similarity – Clicking this will open the submission where you can view the originality report and access grading and feedback options. For more information please make sure you read the Interpreting a Turnitin Originality Report
  7. Download the student submission in its original file format.