Questionmark (QMP)

Using QMP at University of South Wales

All staff can access QMP from within their modules in Blackboard. If you would like training in using QMP please log a call to our PoB Service in the first instance.

The training is supported by the following QMP pages.

Further Support

Questionmark’s own website also provides some support though to access some areas you may need to sign up for a free account.

Why choose QMP?

Questionmark, or 'QMP’ as it is commonly known, is used for in-class tests, exams, surveys and drives the Module Evaluation system.

QMP provides extra functionality, beyond that which the Blackboard Test tool provides. For example,

  • It allows the import of questions from Word or ASCII files, as well as questions from publishers’ or external libraries.
  • It supports 20+ different question styles, and can be simply authored using a browser-based wizard, or with a much more powerful Windows-based Authoring Manager.
  • It has a comprehensive set of reporting and analysis tools, allowing you to analyse the validity of individual tests or questions, as well as class or student reporting.
  • It has the ability to give specific feedback on scores or outcomes related to topic (question folders). This is powerful of providing diagnostic information on performance in specific subject areas, based on general assessments.
  • It can be used to provide powerful decision making assessments.
  • It offers observational assessment methods which enable measurement of participants’ behavior, skills, and abilities in ways not possible via traditional assessment.

You can use QMP at the University of South Wales for both formative and summative based assessments. For formative based exercises, results and feedback are fed directly into the relevant Blackboard module’s Grade Centre. A higher level of security is in place to manage your summative assessments so that you can control the flow of access to students’ feedback and grading information.


What are the benefits to you and your students of using online assessment?

  • Delivering online assessments with automated marking can reduce the burden of repetitive marking.
  • Delivering summative assessments throughout a programme of study can, of course, also bring some of the benefits of formative assessment, for example:
  • You would be able to identify students who may be struggling with the course – identifying and supporting such students at an early stage can assist retention.
  • You would be better informed in terms of adapting your teaching to match student needs more closely.
  • Your students would receive feedback and thus the opportunity to self-evaluate and reinforce their own learning.

What might be the drawbacks?

  • Providing fully online assessments may, for some staff, appear a long way off.
  • For those new to this area it is realistic to expect some additional up front investment of time.


For low-stakes formative assessments you can also use Blackboard Tests and Surveys.

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Writing questions & Sample tests

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QuestionMark Perception has also put together a wide variety of sample assessments for you to try out yourself. In addition we have: