Group Assignments

The Blackboard Group Assignment tool is a simple way to enable a group of students to submit a single piece of work together. This work can be made up of more than one file but the joint submission process can be done by any individual in the group. The tool enables all students to be given the same grade or for specific individuals within the group to have their grade adjusted away from the group average as needed.

Please note: The group assignment option is part of the Blackboard Assignment tool and does not create Turnitin Originality Reports.


Setting up a group assignment

Before you begin creating a group assignment you will need to make sure that groups have been set up on the module and all student allocated to the correct group.

Once the group allocations have been set up correctly you can create a Blackboard Assignment just as you usually would, with the following exception.

When you reach Section 4 – Grading click the Submission Options to reveal the options.

Select Group Assignment from the options.

This will reveal a selection box area containing a list of all possible groups that have been created within the module. Select the groups you wish to partake in the assignment (you may have multiple sets of groups for different assignments so only select the ones relevant to this particular assessment) and use the arrow buttons to move them to the right-hand box.

You can then finish the assignment setup process as normal.

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Marking a group assignment

Access and view assignment submissions

To access assignments for marking follow the instructions for Blackboard Assignments – access and view assignments.


Any feedback on a group assignment submission is provided to all students who are members of that group. It can be provided through any (or all) of the following methods:

  • Annotations on submitted file
  • Typed comments entered online
  • A feedback file uploaded and attached to the submission

For guides to adding feedback see the Blackboard assignments page.

Adding a group grade

When you are ready to add grades to a group assignment you simply enter the group grade in the grade box. This grade is given to all students who are part of that group.

Overriding individual grades

You can override the group grade for individual students if needed.

Step 1
Scroll down the page until you see the list of student names. Each should be showing the assigned overall grade next to their name. Click the pencil icon to edit an individual grade.

Step 2
Enter the override grade and click the tick icon.

Step 3
Where a grade has been overridden it will show a diamond icon.

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