Delivering a Test to Students

The assessment that you have created in QMP needs to be scheduled for delivery to the students and delivered via your Blackboard module.

This is carried out using three steps:

Step 1: Synchronise the student details
Step 2: Create the schedule(s)
Step 3: Add the Assessment link to the Assessment page

Steps 1 and 2 can be followed by first accessing the relevant QMP area

image showing how to login to assessment contributing to final marks

Step 1: Synchronise the student details

This will ensure that all students enrolled on your Blackboard module will be given the opportunity to take the test. To synchronise select the following button.

image showing Synchronise Icon

Step 2: Create the schedule(s)

Scroll down the Control Panel page to the section entitled Schedule an Assessment.

  1. Give the schedule a meaningful name (we suggest you include module code, month and year of delivery and assessment name in the title). Please note, certain characters are “illegal” in the schedule name, these include ' (apostrophe or single quote) # (hash or number sign) and : (colon).
  2. Decide how and if you want to store the results in Grade Centre. For all tests, it is advisable to use the Grade Centre so that students can view their grades online via My Grades. For summative assessments especially, you will need to control when students view their results by hiding the assessment column in the Grade Centre until such time as you wish to reveal them. For information on this see the next section below.
  3. Select your assessment to schedule from the drop down list.
  4. Note: If you can’t see your assessment in the list, access the browser based version of QMP and find the relevant Assessment folder that contains that assessment, select your assessment and then select Set Scheduling Permissions. Search for your module group code and Add it to the box on the right.

  5. Limit attempts? You are unlikely to want to do this for formative learning but of course this is your choice. For summative assessments of an examination based nature this is more likely to be set to 1.
  6. Create schedule for each group participant? If you limit attempts this option will be unavailable by default and a schedule will be created for each individual student. This is completely appropriate for summative assessments. For formative assessments where attempts are not limited, there is no need to create a schedule for each individual student.
  7. Set Access period? Tick this box and then set the dates and times for when you want students to be able to access the assessment. Remember that the times set represent the times when students are able to access the link to start the assessment and not the duration for the whole test.

Once you have set up the schedule you will see the scheduled entry in the list of Assessment Schedules from the Control Panel page. See the example below.

image showing how to Schedules assessment

From there you can Try out the test or select Link to see how the link will appear to students.

Hiding the results of an assessment from students in the Grade Centre

If you have created a summative assessment we advise that BEFORE the test is delivered that you hide the column from view from the students until such time as you wish to reveal the grades. We also suggest that in addition, that you do not include this particular assessment mark in the Grade Centre calculations. When you are ready to reveal the grades both these settings can be switched back on.

To hide the assessment and not include the assessment in the Grade Centre calculations:

  1. Access the Grade Centre
  2. Click the drop down arrow to the right of the relevant assignment title.
  3. From the pop up menu select Edit Column Information, scroll down to section 3 and set both Show this column to Students and Include this Column in Grade Centre Calculations to No before clicking Submit

Step 3 : Adding the Assessment link to the Assessment page

Important Point
Do not set up the link to a test using any of the options found under Assessments or Tools at the top of the Assessment page since any schedules created this way will not be viewable from the Control panel. For this reason we recommend that you follow the instructions below.

Please note that if you run multiple QMP tests in a single module that you will only need to repeat this step once for each type of formative/summative assessment

To add a summative assessment link

  1. Access the Assessment page for your module and ensure Edit mode is on
  2. From the Build Content menu select Course Link
  3. Select the Browse button to open the course map.
  4. Scroll down and click on QMP Summative which is under Communication & Tools.
  5. image showing how to add a course link to QMP assessments
  6. We would suggest changing the name to something more meaningful to the students. e.g 'link to online exam’ before clicking Submit

To add a formative assessment link

Follow the above steps but selecting QMP Formative instead when browsing the Course map. If you are adding several of these links throughout various pages of your learning materials, it would be advisable each time to add a meaningful title appropriate to the test to be taken at that time. For example, 'link to health and safety quiz’.

How do students access the test?

Students can take the test by

  • Accessing the Assessment link on their module’s Assessment page

  • And then clicking on Start the Test found to the right of the relevant assessment (see example below)

image showing how to start schedule test

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