Managing resits / Updating existing schedules

In order to allow a student to resits an exam you will need to update each resits student’s schedule in QMP to reflect the new date and time of the exam.

To update a schedule firstly select Administration from QMP’s home menu.

image showing how to login to Administration

Then Schedules

image showing how to schedules

You will need to locate the student whose schedule needs updating. To do this you can select 'partipant id’ 'equal to’ then entering the student’s enrollment number.

Note that if there is more than one schedule present you could also add to the selection criteria by finding a match also on the relevant assessment name. To add more criteria to the search use the plus symbol.

Once found click on the entry and select image showing edit Icon to make the necessary adjustments.

Remember to click Save once you have made your changes.

Important point: You will need to make sure that the relevant link in Blackboard that you use for students to access their QMP assessments is made available for the same date and time as the resit examination.

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