Reporting on test results

Viewing all QMP test results

Please note: This option doeas not present the name of the assessment alongside each result and so can be difficult to read if you have more than one QMP test in your module.

From the relevant QMP link found in the Control Panel you can quickly view test results by selecting the View Results button.

image showing how to login to view_result

From this page you can also view the individual coaching reports of students.

Viewing the results for a specific assessment

Alternatively to view the results for a specific assessment through the browser

  1. Access your module in Blackboard and select the appropriate QMP link from the Control Panel. Select Log in to Enterprise Manager.
  2. image showing how to login to enterprise manager

    (Remember that if you see the 'Invalid CRF token’ message, close this screen and then select 'Log in to Enterprise Manager’ again.)

  3. From the main menu of your QMP account select Enterprise Reporter
  4. image showing how to login to Reporter screenshot

  5. To view a full list of results for a specific test select Score List Report.
  6. image showing how to login to Score List Report

  7. Under Report Template select Quick view (enrolment numbers only are displayed) or Quick View with Names (enrolment numbers and student names are displayed). For example,
  8. image showing how to login to Report template

  9. Click the Browse button to select the Assessment. For example,
  10. image showing how to login to select assessment

  11. Select the dates tab to specify when the test took place. For example,
  12. image showing Today Icon

  13. Click the View Report button
  14. image showing View Report Icon

  15. You will now see a list of students who have taken the test. Look at the Status column. You would expect the status for each successfully completed test to be Finished normally.

    • Tip 1: Remember that you can if you wish run this report during a test if you want to find out who has started the test. In this case a student’s status before submitting the test will be set to Recently Started.
    • Tip 2: A quick way to get this data into excel for further manipulation or printing is to highlight all the cells on the page and use Copy and paste.

    • Tip 3: On the Participants tab set the Filter by maximum score to 39 to view a list of students who have failed the test.

  16. If you would like to view specific results for any individual student’s test select the image showing Coaching report icon Coaching Report icon found to the left of that particular student’s entry.

Downloading the results to an excel spreadsheet

It is possible to download any or all of the columns of the gradecentre into an Excel file.

You will find this option by accessing your module in Unilearn, then Control Panel > Grade Centre > Full Grade Centre > Work Offline > Download

You can then select a particular column or the full grade centre to download. Please note that choosing a tab delimited format will ensure that the file is immediately available in Excel with the appropriate extension in the file name (.xls).

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