QMP - Managing Marks and Feedback

How to adjust the marks awarded to particular test questions

In terms of changing the results for each of the students, you can do this in QMP but it is rather tedious as you have to make the adjustment per student.

Here’s how….if you want to go down this route.

  • Access your QMP account
  • Select Results Manager from the main menu
  • Select Score Editor
  • Select your particular assessment
  • You will then be presented with the list of students who took the assessment (check the date and time corresponding to each entry to ensure it is the correct assessment)
  • You would have to select each student individually and amend the mark for that particular question, selecting the Save button on the left each time

Alternatively you could make a manual adjustment of the marks outside of the QMP environment.

Uploading marks to the Grade Centre

Important Points

  1. If you have delivered your tests as explained in these instructions you will not have to manually upload the grades to the Grade Centre. Instead you will just need to switch on the relevant column in the Grade Centre.

  2. To do this:

    Access the Grade Centre and click the drop down arrow to the right of the relevant assignment title. From the pop up menu select Edit Column Information, scroll down to section 4 and set Show this column to Students to Yes.

  3. Before releasing your results to students take a look at the Question Statistics report for the assessment to see if there are any anomalies that need adjusting.

  4. Remember that in this report a difficulty value of a question closer to 1 means that the question is easier to answer. The closer to zero, the harder. Remember that student results can be updated through Results Manager and Score Editor but this has to be carried out on a student by student basis (see above).

To manually upload grades to the Grade Centre, work through the following steps:

Please note: If you experience any difficulties transferring the data between QMP and Excel we recommend you use the most updated version of Firefox as your browser.

  1. Run a scorelist report in QMP (Format – Quickview).
  2. Copy the data in the report (including headings) to the clipboard and then in Excel use Paste Special to paste in the data as Text.
  3. Highlight and format the Student ID column (use Custom format for the Category and in Type enter 8 zeros, 00000000)
  4. Rename the Student ID column to Username.
  5. Delete all columns except Username and Percentage score.
  6. Rename the Percentage score column to the meaningful label you would like to see in the Grade Centre. For example, Exam Jan 2014.
  7. Save the file in csv format (comma delimited). Reply OK and Yes to the two warning boxes that appear.
  8. Next, in Blackboard, access the Grade Centre for the module.
  9. Upload the csv file. This option can be found under showing work offline icon
  10. The column will now be available in the Grade Centre.

Sending student detailed feedback via e-mail

These instructions show you how you can send an automated e-mail directly from your QMP account to each of your students. The e-mail will contain, for each student, their results and feedback on their assessment in the form of a Coaching Report.

Note that a sample e-mail together (which includes a sample Coaching Report)can be found at the end of this guide.

  • From the main menu select Enterprise Reporter.
  • Select Coaching Report.
  • Under Options select Create New.image showing how to create new icon
  • Ensure Blackboard is selected for Select a Report Template.
  • Select Find Assessments and a list of your assessments is displayed. Select the required assessment. Alternatively use the Select a Schedule Name to browse for the relevant assessment schedule.
  • Under Preferred Distribution Format select E-mail (HTML).
  • Select Distribute or if it is likely that you will deliver this same assessment to other students in the future you may wish to select Save and save the report criteria so that you can then generate this report quickly at a later date.
  • A list of students to whom results and feedback can be sent is displayed. You need to select those required. If you have several pages of results, firstly adjust the value in the Records per page.
  • image showing how to record per page icon

    Use the Ctrl and Shift keys to make your selection or check the Select all box.

    image showing intermediate result screenshot

  • Under Options then select Batch Output.
  • A window opens in which you are asked to confirm your distribution method. Select E-mail (HTML) and then select OK.
  • A window opens in which you are asked to enter recipient details. You only need to enter
    • your University e-mail address in the From and To.
    • A Subject and brief Message.
    • Also, ensure that Send copy to participant is selected.

  • When ready select Send. A confirmation message is displayed. Select Close.

  • Note: A copy of all the e-mails will be sent to your Inbox.

    Important point

    If you want to keep a copy of all students reports in an alternative format or want to disseminate the results and feedback in an alternative manner, you may prefer to download this information. To do this repeat the above steps, selecting the Preferred Distribution Format as PDF or Word.

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