Creating/editing and trying out questions

You will first need to have accessed the appropriate QMP tool – summative or formative

Creating a question


image showing how to create,view, delete and try out questions and assessment


image showing how to create,view, delete questions which are structured in hierachical within browser based authority

Double click the folder that you want to create the questions in (either your module’s folder or you can create subfolders using the image showing Icon of new topic button below this main folder).

Important Point: If you are not able to view your module’s question folder, please log a support call asking that 'you are given access to your question folder in QMP’ and also providing the following information: the full module code, module name, user names of all those members of staff that should be able also access this question folder.

Select image showing Icon of New Question

Select the relevant question style

image showing Close ended question style

Click the help button image showing help icon if you need any guidance and remember if you want to attach images to questions they must first be uploaded via Resource Manager.

image showing how to attach image to question via resource manager

Editing a question

Simply double click it.

Try out a question

It is vital that you try out each question, especially if you have copied and pasted directly from Word.
One click on the question to first select it, then click image showing how to use Try Out Icon

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