Audience Response Tools

Would you like to make the learning experience for your students more active and engaging in the classroom?

Audience Response Tools can add value to the classroom experience in many ways. For example, you can :

  • Pose a few ice-breaking questions at the start of a lecture to promote areas for discussion and debate
  • Carry out a quick check to test your students’ understanding during or at the end of a lecture
  • Gather consensus on opinions from individuals or groups; re-run and compare changes in attitude
  • Use in revision classes to check understanding

Using an audience response tool is another way of encouraging students to engage with the lesson and is also an effective way for you to identify areas of the curriculum that need more attention. You’ll find some helpful guidance on planning and writing good questions in this blogpost by Tim Slade on Tips for Writing Better Quiz Questions.

Option 1: Vevox (formerly Meetoo) — no specialist handsets required

Vevox is a real-time polling and moderated discussion platform for the workplace and the classroom. It transforms training, classes and meetings by engaging and energising audiences.

The Vevox app encourages participants to use their smartphone, tablet or laptop to take part in the discussion, making these devices a tool for engagement, not a distraction. The Vevox platform consists of an online control dashboard, participant app, PowerPoint Add-in and live results displays.

For further details on using Vevox for in-class polling, please visit Getting started with Vevox, visit the Vevox Youtube Support Channel or go to the Vevox Help Pages

Option 2: specialist handsets required


Using the Connect2 service you can book out the TurningPoint system from the Treforest Media Loans section.

Note There are only two TurningPoint systems available for loan, each offering 40 handsets.

  • Advantages: This system integrates well with your PowerPoint presentations, allowing you to prepare questions on a series of slides and then displaying student responses 'live’ as a graph/chart in the same PowerPoint show.
  • Disadvantages: Requires the installation of specialist software in advance, time to familiarise yourself with the use of the software and advance planning to ensure access to the handheld devices.

To find out more take a look at the relevant TurningPoint 5 user guide

Case Study Example: You can read a very interesting example on the use of the TurningPoint system by the Mathematics Education Centre of Loughborough University. Although this paper was published some time ago, much of the information is still pertinent today.